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Publishers and content creators run into the same problems with audio content. How do you create an audio workflow that scales?

High costs and too many hours are needed to produce, host and deliver high quality, consistent audio content.

The good news? ScriptSpeak solves your audio problems by making it possible to automate and deliver audio content with the click of a button.

Our platform uses the most advanced AI to convert your article text to speech, API's to read and convert new articles as they are created, and our audio player integrates seamlessly with your existing website.

Some of the largest publishers in the world are using AI to power their audio content workflows and increase their audience engagement. Now you can too.

Here's How it Works

Automate and deliver your audio content in just 3 steps

No Coding Required

Convert your existing articles to audio using our artificial intelligence and machine learning platform.
Customize the audio button appearance so it looks great on your site.
Add the code snippet to your HTML layout and begin delivering branded, native audio content to your audience.

That's It!

Just press play

The magic of ScriptSpeak is a single line of code that gives you total control over the audio experience on your website. Convert, customize and deliver your audio content all from one easy to use platform.

Using our cutting edge technology based on unique AI algorithms, we use your existing written content to create human-like audio files that are delivered directly from your website to your audience.

The easiest way to implement audio on your website

The ScriptSpeak platform was designed with this in mind, created to be fast, easy to use, and optimized for automating your audio content workflow. All the tools you need to create, customize and deliver audio to your audience.

Compatible and simple to use on any platform

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