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More data is becoming available on the power of audio content. From the higher average time spent consuming audio over written content, to the increased effectiveness of audio advertisements, the case for adding audio articles to your site is becoming hard to miss.

As publishers and content producers begin offering audio content to their audience, we get a lot of questions from people who are noticing the change. Below are a few of the questions we get most frequently.

ScriptSpeak is free to get started. We offer standard pricing tiers based on your monthly traffic and the number of articles where your audio button will be displayed; however, we've found custom pricing works best for 90% of our users. Contact us for a customized proposal and plan that fits your site.
Absolutely. You can upload your own audio files for none, some, or all of your articles. Our AI audio works with any written text, but some publishers also use voice talent, or their writers, to produce audio versions of their articles. ScriptSpeak also works well for podcasters who also have written content. Just upload your podcast to ScriptSpeak, embed our audio snippet in your page layout, and begin delivering your podcast directly to your audience on your webpage.
Customer privacy is important to us. But you can see an example of our button on DiscoverCI's blog here.
Hardly any time at all. Converting your written content to audio takes about 5 seconds. Embedding the code snippet is simple and is similar to the process of adding a google analytics snippet to your site.
We would love to help! Our team is standing-by, ready to assist you with onboarding and adding audio to your site.
There's a few different algorithms we use. First, we use AI to find and identify the most likely article content on your web page. This saves you the time of copying and pasting your article content into our text to speech platform. We then use the most powerful AI and machine learning algorithms to convert your text to human sounding voice.
Definitely. We have different styles you can choose from, or you can request a custom player. We want your audio player to look great and fit with the layout of your site.
ScriptSpeak was developed to be fast. Page speed is an important metric for any site, and we made speed one of our top priorities while developing our software. Our script that loads your audio doesn't begin until after your site is fully loaded. It then uses a Content Delivery Network to deliver the script and audio file to your end user in the fastest time possible.
We know measuring the effectiveness and usage of your audio content is an important part of your audio implementation. Our platform currently tracks the views and plays of your audio content, with more metrics required for audio advertising coming to our platform soon!
The audio player looks great on any device.
Audio is a key element of making your site accessible to people with different abilities, and an increasing number of people prefer listening to their news, over reading their news. Some of the largest publishers in the world have surveyed, measured, and tracked their readers, along with the effectiveness of audio on their site. What they find is amazing. Longer time on site, more return visitors, and resounding positive visitor feedback.
The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are just two of the growing list of publishers adding audio articles to their site.

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