Engage and grow your audience with audio

ScriptSpeak's text to speech software and platform gives you a fast & simple way to add audio to your website

What is ScriptSpeak?

With ScriptSpeak, you can generate human-like audio from your existing written text and deliver it to your audience with a single line of code embedded on your site. Increase content accessibility for your audience with different abilities, provide audio options to listen to your content in the car, or automate your audio content workflows to increase efficiencies.

Simple platform, powerful results

Audio has rocketed into one of the fastest growing mediums in digital content. ScriptSpeak makes it easy for publishers and content producers to reach listeners.

Convert your existing content

Increase your reach with your existing written content. Our platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to effortlessly transform the content you already have into human-like audio files.

Make it your own

You're in control. Edit the audio file content, upload custom audio files, change the appearance of the audio button, and control the pages where audio is displayed. 100% customization, without months of software development.

Integrate with your site

With one line of code your content is audiofied and delivered to your readers from your existing web page.

Why ScriptSpeak?

Our platform provides writers and publishers a completely new way to engage, grow and monetize audiences by transforming the written content you already have into audio.

Expand your reach

Your audience is changing, are you ready?

More than two million articles are published every day on the internet. At the same time, the attention span of your readers is decreasing. With a focus on efficiency and access to information, more readers are turning to podcasts and news outlets that offer audio.

The shift from people reading an article to consuming their news in the car, on a run, or while multi-tasking is starting. ScriptSpeak makes it simple to leverage your existing content to capture and monetize more of your target market.

Everything you need to add audio to your existing content

Creating audio files used to be a long process that required expensive developers and content creators. Now you can convert, customize and deliver audio in minutes.


Change the look, feel and delivery of your audio by using our intuitive platform and embed audio in your site with just a few lines of code.


Audio MP3 files are delivered directly to your readers using our secure and fast API. Nothing to configure and audio files are stored securely on our servers.


You control the look and feel of the audio button on your site. White label our audio button and make it your own.

Advanced AI

Our voice audio and text to speech AI are powered by the most advanced technology in the industry.


We're here to help. From onboarding, to go-live, to monthly maintenance and updates, our team is ready to make sure your audio implementation is simple and successful.


Your audio looks great on every device, and every platform.

Online conversion from text to audio.

Convert your readers into listeners

ScriptSpeak transforms your written content into audio that integrates seamlessly with your existing platform, delivering a powerful new way to connect with your audience.

Make your content accessible to anyone, wherever they are

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Welcome to ScriptSpeak!

This is Trent Martin, co-founder and head of customer success. We started ScriptSpeak to give content creators and publishers an easy way to maximize the value of their content, engage their existing readers, and grow their audience.

According to a recent Nielsen study, podcast listeners grew 20% each year from 2014 to 2019 and podcast listener growth is expected to continue growing even faster from 2020 onward.

Podcasts are just the start of the audio revolution that is expected to occur over the next two years.

At ScriptSpeak, we help companies engage and grow their audience through audio content. Our artificial intelligence platform makes it simple to convert your existing written content to speech and deliver the article audio to your audience directly from your existing web page.

Just like you're listening to this now. No coding or software development required.

Compatible and simple to use on any platform

Audio is moving mainstream

Monitize your content and grow your audience